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Honor dorm has been established for those students who demonstrate the ability and willingness to discipline themselves and to abide by the rules of the Flandreau Indian School. Each dormitory has designated parts of its first floor for an Honor Dormitory. The student living in the Honor Dorm will have the special privileges outlined at the end of this section.

To be eligible for Honor Dorm, a student must meet these requirements:

1. Be passing in all subjects with grades of "C" or better. 

2. Display a positive attitude.

3. Be active in an after-school activity.

4. Have no major infractions for three weeks prior to entering Honor Dorm.

5. Must be an excellent dormitory housekeeper.

Students who wish to be Honor Dorm members can apply by completing an application with their Counselor. These applications will be taken to the faculty for comments before being acted upon by the Honor Dorm committee. The Honor Dorm Committee meets every third week. Students selected will move into the Honor dorm after a one (1) week waiting period.

Anytime an Honor Dorm student receives a major infraction, they are removed from the Honor Dorm and may not apply again for three (3) weeks. A student may be removed if they receive three (3) consecutive minor infractions or accumulate more than six (6) in a quarter. This does include minors that are worked off.


These privileges may be revoked at anytime at the discretion of the Dorm Manager:

1. A late lunch at least three times, per full month, at the Canteen.

2. Lights on until 1:00a.m. (weekends).

3. Showers until midnight.

4. Late television on special nights.

5. May check out for town any day but must be back for supper.

6. Use of phone until 11:00pm.

7. May check out for town any night after 6:30 p.m., but must indicate where you can be reached. 

8. After checking with the Dormitory Manager, student may move anywhere in the Honor Dorm when they are unhappy in a particular room.

9. An outing at least once per month.

10. Cable and color TVs.



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