1. Do the (students) need to bring personal hygiene products?
YES - Shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. No aerosols, any toiletries containing alcohol.               

2. Do we supply the bedding?
Yes - if students wish to bring their own they can (i.e., pillows, comforters, own sheets and towels.)

4. Does the student do his/her own laundry?
YES--laundry soap is provided.

5. Is there anyway to earn money here?
YES - Students' Work-Study jobs. Students must earn Gold Card first in order to apply downtown if there are any openings (part-time).

6. Does the school pay for the students' way home at holidays?  

We pay for their transportation at Christmas break only. Other holidays students will need their own transportation paid for.

7. Do we take students off campus?
YES--on various outings (ex: shopping, movies, Best Behavior Zone outings, etc.).

8. Transportation is paid for?
YES, FIS pays for student travel four times a year: 
1) to school at the beginning of the year; 
2) Home for Christmas break; 
3) To School from Christmas break; 
4) to Home at the end of the year.

Other travel is paid with some exceptions...

Any Questions?
Contact Yvette Burshiem @ 1-800-942-1647, ext. 2195 


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