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Flandreau Indian School Education




A. Dormitory Living

1. Students will report to the respective dorms for a roll check between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm daily.

2. The exits of the girl's dormitory are out-of-bounds for the boys and is the same for girls in the boys dorm exits. The main entrances of the dormitories and Dining Hall exits are to be used for passageways only. 

3. Lights and outlets in the dormitories will be turned off Sunday through Thursday at 10:30pm. 

4. Except for special activities, no student will be permitted out of the dormitory after 9:30pm. Bed checks will be at 10:30pm, except for Friday and Saturday nights, when bed checks will be taken at 11:30pm.

5. Honor Dormitory: The program details are available from the Dormitory Managers. One wing in each dormitory is being reserved as a start of the Honor Dorm. Regarding time, the Honor Dorm areas' lights and outlets will be turned off at 11:00pm prior to school days. On Friday, Saturday and nights preceding legal Holidays the lights may be left on until 1:00am if students have a reason to be up late.

6. Snacks will be available for the students in each Dormitory on each night of the week. However, house officers must assume the responsibility, through their Dormitory Mangers, for snack selection, procurement, serving and control.

7. Students desiring to improve the appearance and livability of their dormitory home can expect full support and cooperation from the staff. Extensive changes must be approved by a committee composed of the Housing Officer, Dormitory Manager, Student Services Director and a consulting member of the Facilities Management staff. Whenever possible supplies and materials will be made available for approved projects.

8. All sleeping room doors will remain open following lights out.

9. Quiet hour/Study hour will be one hour preceding bedtime on Sunday through Thursday.


The dormitory rules do not permit the following, and in the event these incidents occur you can expect a staff member to discuss the incident with you.

1. Chewing (tobacco) anywhere in the dormitory

2. Failure to return or misuse recreation equipment

3. Gambling

4. Putting speakers outside of the windows

5. Spitting in the dorm and water fountains

6. Sweeping dirt out into the hall

7. Failure to pick up the dirt from the room

8. Misuse of the living room, e.g., feet on furniture, chewing, smoking, etc.

9. Unsatisfactory detail or room

10. Late sleeper (7:45 a.m.)

11. Horseplay

12. All sleeping room doors are to be open during sleeping hours.

13. Throwing things out of the window 

14. Out of room without pajamas or clothes

15. Lying on a bed with another person

16. Lying on top of spread or sheets (before daily room grades)

17. Misuse of P.A. System

18. Misuse of buffers

19. Failure to check out for town

20. On second floor doing laundry after detail (evenings)

21. Doing laundry in bathroom

22. Being in second floor linen room after bedcheck

23. Showering during details

24. Ironing in room

25. During linen check - all linen must be turned back 

26. Coming in late after second bell (may be AWOL)

27. Taking blankets or pillows outside

29. Emptying trash in bathroom

30. Leaving dorm late (may be issued a major)

31. Noisy after bedcheck (will be issued a major)

32. Not attending unit meeting

33. Talking back to staff

34. Being present in a room in the dormitory other than your own when the assigned occupants are out (may be unauthorized presence)

35. Students have to be on their own floor/wing after the outside bell rings. 

36. No hickeys (will be issued a minor)

37. All crafts will be done in boys' and girls' dorm basements with credit given upstairs.

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